Uber uns

Every place on earth is characterized by its unique culture, people, gastronomy, vibes and colors. I love to explore new cities, observe how culture influences daily life and how travelers create connections with local foods. Having visited more than 50 countries, I have the urge to discover and learn everything that matters regarding my trip. I understand the struggle to find the perfect beaches/beach bars, restaurants, significant artifacts and activities, which will fit your needs exactly as well as discovering the hidden gems of the destination.

I believe that travel can be healing. It uncovers perspective, reorders ambition, silences fear or just fits perfectly into your daily life, whilst ultimately leading to personal growth.

As a team, we all have one common characteristic: we are passionate global explorers.

We want all travelers visiting Greece, Croatia or Cyprus to experience unique travel moments, create lifelong memories and have their very own exciting stories to tell all their friends and loved ones.

What we are constantly doing with love and passion is bringing all the elements of a destination into one platform, using technology as the facilitator. Travelers will be able to find, what to eat at local food spots, where to dance accompanied by regional music sounds, which architecture guidelines are mostly apparent in each place, beauties even locals cannot resist, new and hidden beauties for both locals and travelers to discover, or even where to buy the nicest delicacies, piece of art or a little part of the destination to bring back home. This will enhance the memorable experience of a trip and make any type of information easier to find .The most important factor is to combine all of the above to fit the needs and wants of every single traveler as everyone is unique and has different demands.

Niki Smirni